What Are Battle Pugs?

Battle Pugs are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) brought to you on the Theta Network Blockchain. They’re a fierce warrior race which once roamed the land and now they’ve returned! Owning any of these Battle Pugs grants you special utility both now and in the future such as; Community Giveaways, Exclusive Discord Roles & Access, Recurring Airdrops & Challenges, Entrance into a future Battle Pugs Game, and much more.

The Future

As we look outward to the future of the Battle Pugs we see an ever expanding world for you to enjoy for years to come. Focusing on bringing you further utility in this world built for gamers to enjoy while focusing on these three principles; immersion, innovation, and community.

The World

Experience a deep immersive world you can enjoy in the Metaverse alongside members of the community with rich storytelling, unforgettable characters, and unique quests!

How To Buy?

1. Go to HGH.Thetadrop.com or select “Buy Now”.
2. Select “Sign Up” on the top right hand corner of the site and fill out basic information.
3. Once signed in, you can deposit money into your ThetaDrop account by clicking your profile picture and clicking ” Go To Balances “.
4. You may deposit USD or Tfuel by clicking on the respective button.

Now you’re funded and ready to purchase Battle Pugs!

For any questions, please go to support.thetadrop.com

Battle Plans

Stage 1

1st Edition Release (SOLD OUT)

2nd Edition Release (SOLD OUT)

Recurring Scheduled Airdrops

Stage 2

Social Media & Website Reveal

Exclusive Discord Access via Thetapass

Recurring Scheduled Challenges

Stage 3

3rd Edition Release (SOLD OUT)

4th Edition Release (SOLD OUT)

Recurring Community Events/Giveaways

Stage 4

Staking NFTs

Level Up Potions

Recurring Game Development

Stage 5


Merch Store

Metaverse Avatars

HighsGamingHub aka HGH

HighsGamingHub aka HGH

Creator of the Battle Pugs | Streamer | Pug Lover

HGH is a Partnered ThetaTV Content Creator with a passion for community. What started as just a dream of becoming a successful streamer to bring like-minded individuals looking to find friends online and have a place to call home, has turned into so much more! His love for fantasy such as dragons, knights, and magical things collided in a special way with his love for his pug Winston! He believes that together gamers, pug lovers, & NFT enthusiasts alike can all enjoy what special things he has instore for us with his Battle Pugs!

Winston Gregory the 75th aka Winnie

Winston Gregory the 75th aka Winnie

Battle Pugs Leader | Snack Eater | Nap Lover

Winston is a Pug with a dream! He was born February 26, 2019 and he’s always had an itch for seeking out adventure! He loves long walks at the park, hanging out with his sister Luna, and enjoys the occasional snack of mozzarella cheese! While small in size he’s got big dreams and is eager to show the world exactly what he and his Battle Pugs are all about!


What are the Battle Pugs?

The Battle Pugs are a series of collectible NFT’s created and minted on the Theta Blockchain.

What is an NFT?

At the most basic level, a non-fungible token is a one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital asset that can be exchanged between a creator and a buyer. The one-of-a-kind characteristic is important in distinguishing NFTs from other digital assets; one NFT is not interchangeable for another, like a dollar bill or a share of stock, but is unique and has its own value.

Where can I purchase Battle Pugs?

You may buy Battle Pugs on HGH.Thetadrop.com or by simply hitting the “Buy Now” button at the top of the website.

What is Thetadrop?

ThetaDrop is a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for digital collectibles. As a real-time NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop incorporates live streaming during auctions and NFT drops to increase creator-fan engagement, and tie-ins with live television and cable broadcast to millions of global viewers. ThetaDrop is powered by the Theta Network, the leading blockchain technology purpose-built for media and entertainment. It is based on a proof-of-stake model and is environmentally friendly and 100% green.

How do I setup a account with Thetadrop?

Go to HGH.Thetadrop.com Then view top right corner and select “Signup” option

You may also use the “Buy Now” button at the top of the website to be sent directly to the Thetadrop NFT Marketplace.